About Adaptive Fashion

There's adaptive clothing - clothing designed to be functional for people with special needs. And then there's adaptive fashion - clothing designed to be functional but also to allow people with special needs to look and feel their best.
Daption's focus is on making high quality clothing for people with dementia. This means our clothes are specially designed to make the dressing process easier for those being dressed and for those dressing them. And it means that our clothes will help those with dementia live with a maximum of dignity.

Adaptive Tops

Daption’s adaptive tops are designed so that they can be put on without the need for the garment to go over the wearer's head. In most cases they will use a set of snaps on the back so that the wearer's arms can be slid through the arm holes and then the top will simply wrap around the wearer and attach behind them. They are easy to put on, but intentionally challenging to remove without assistance.

Many of our tops feature false fronts with faux buttons. 

Adaptive Pants


Daption’s adaptive pants are designed to be put on with ease by a care giver. We have created two designs – a more conventional buttoned back with flap, and a more innovative top-side zip version without a flap (to be added soon). Both are designed to be worn with pads, so they have lots of space in the back, and both provide easy access when the pads need changing. We have used large rubberized and leather zipper handles to make it easier for caregivers to put the pants on and off, but the zippers are slightly hidden to make it more challenging for the wearer to remove them.

Adaptive Skirts

Daption’s skirts are designed to be put on easily while also preventing "inappropriate dressing" moments. Using our top-zip design the skirt is easy to put on, but also easy to access for toileting and pad changing. Plus, we’ve incorporated calf straps featuring soft velcro on the inside of the skirt, to make it difficult to raise above the lower leg. 

Adaptive Dresses

Daption has two different adaptive dress formats. The first, to come soon, is an innovative combination of our adaptive skirts and tops. It is put on easily like a skirt, and then slides over the arms like a adaptive top, doing up easily in the back. They allow for easy pad changing, and discourage inappropriate dressing.

The second dress format is a simple snap back dress, made for the easiest dressing. It simply wraps around the wearer, doing up in the back. This format is perfect for less mobile wearers. 


We are always interested in having a discussion about adaptive clothing. What’s needed? What are the challenges? What have you found to make your life easier? If you’d like to join a discussion or post a question, please go to our Community Forum. And if you’d like to suggest an item or vote on items we’re considering, please go to our Suggest a Garment page.